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Digital Marketing Services

At Clicks&Sales(C&S), our business is to help your business grow. We also understand that it takes overwhelming efforts to induce perpetual growth in business. With the digital shift, many businesses are left behind gasping for leads and revenue. C&S infuses oxygen and becomes a growth agent through the unique offering of digital marketing services in Mumbai. Digital Marketing services offered by C&S have helped 1000+ businesses grow revenues in the past 8 years.

Digital marketing services in Mumbai offered by C&S is simple and the most effective method to grow your business. C&S provides validated leads for the product or service which you are selling and you pay per lead provided to you. There are no complex terms or strings attached.

Appointment Setting Services

If you are looking for outsourcing your appointment setting services, you have landed at just the right place! Clicks&Sales(C&S) offers you a niche platform wherein you can buy out a powerful channel for your sales promotion activities. We provide you with direct links to the right people who can serve as real-time customers for your product/service.The versatile team a C&S is par excellence in dealing with both B2B and B2C businesses across different industry verticals.

C&S collaborates with key decision makers of renowned businesses and schedules your appointments with them. We give you sales-qualified leads which convert into assured deals, saving you time, resources and energy.

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Industries We Serve

  • Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Loans
  • Interiors
  • ERP Software
  • Coaching Classes
  • Infrastructure
  • Furniture
  • Digital Products/Services
  • High Value Equipments
  • Web and Mobile applications
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Telecom Industry and E-Commerce Products

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