Paid Content Syndication

Building your business brand with content syndication strategies and established network to connect with wider audience !

Paid Content Syndication


22 July 2019
   22 July 2019
Productive Business Blogging To Double-up The Online Leads

Set Targets

Together, we would set the targets for lead acquisition either on daily basis or monthly basis. The targets are set as per the resources available to drive enough human traffic having greater chances of conversion.

Content Syndication Partners

Once the targets are set, we would help you choose reliable content syndication partners for promoting your content and landing up the readers on your website. The third-party websites, blogs, and content-sharing platforms are chosen on the basis of your type of business.

Wise Republishing

Syndicating or republishing content should be done carefully. We make sure that the content published on the third-party platforms should not eat up all the reader's interest and reach your website for a full-read.

Eliminate SEO Issues

During the content syndication, the search engines might feel lost for which version of the content is more valuable and worth a read. We syndicate the content by keeping all SEO-friendly activities in mind to guide the search engine to count your content first.

Boost Subscribers

Because syndicated content doubles up the visitors on your owned media, we make sure that they get converted into frequent users by dedicated content syndication and distribution.

Emerge As A Brand

We leave no stone unturned to increase your online visibility. Thus, we keep on researching and devising the strategies to establish you as a unique brand through our paid content syndication.

What happens after creating exclusive and newsworthy content? C&S syndicates it! It is a process where C&S promotes content on a third party website in order to gain maximum reach while paying a particular amount. At C&S, the team scrutinize each platform with critical eye so that the business can achieve its desired results. These results differs from brands-to-brands.
For best results, C&S works with platforms like Outbrain and Taboola for content syndication. With them it finds a right mixture of social media platforms for you where it shares a fragment of information with the brands target audience. When the readers opts to read the full article the link directly takes them to the original content where it was first published. C&S recommends content syndication to businesses who want to:

Increase traffic and
Fetch quality readers by
reaching target audience
Receive quality links
back to the site

Trust C&S, it knows where and how content should be syndicated.