Services Sector

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Services Sector

Guaranteed Leads for your Business

We offer pay per lead services in India. We work on the model of the cost of per lead (CPL) and not on the basis of our service. You pay for our service when you get the leads. To know more about the terms and conditions, please email us at

Cable and Internet Services Providers

When a person is associated with single provider of telephone connection, cable, and internet

Training & Online Degree Programme Providers

PPL provides a platform to get new students over the training or course for his or her education. As

Online Eateries

PPL would help eateries to generate business by effective visibility online and help their customers choose better

Dentists & Other Doctors

PPL turns out to be preferred medium to get customers with lifetime value and generate business out of

Maintenance & Repair Works

PPL helps both the service provider and end use customer with repair of home appliances,

Wedding Planner

PPL could be of great help to those who are looking up for entries for Wedding arrangements