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Content Marketing

Is SEO no more able to fulfil your demands? Is it not yielding results that you demand? And are you because of this, unable to engage, bring traffic and increase sales? Have heard of content marketing, or you are still clueless about this new revolutionary kid in the block?

C&S has a team that effectively collaborates and brainstorm to understand the latest trends and create content that is unique, relevant and most importantly shareable. This will help you to engage, attract and convert your prospects into customers. Content that it creates and distributes includes Blog Posts, Images, Infographics, Videos, Press Releases, News Stories, Storify Content, Wikihow articles, Case Studies, White Papers, and Research Reports. It is necessary to understand that content that is created here is “readers’ centric”. Google’s latest algorithm advices C&S to develop a strategy by which the website naturally starts to get links and the best way to do this is by publishing killer content.

An experienced team of 12 professionals that develop content identifies the gap and tries to rectify them. The main aim is to increase the reader usefulness quotient (RUQ) to the minimum of 70 %.

Content Creation

Is it really important to create content? Yes, the thing that attracts people to you or your brand is CONTENT. Creating it is important for any campaign or activity that you are planning for your business.

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Content Distribution

C&S has a team that has the best intuition when it comes to distributing content through varied channels. The channels include: Professional Bloggers,

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Paid Content Syndication

What happens after creating exclusive and newsworthy content? C&S syndicates it! It is a process where C&S promotes content on a third party website in order to gain maximum

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Are your ads not able to generate sales? Are you able to attract readers, but not able to engage them for a long time? Are you anticipating something in very particular? C&S has all the answers for you as it helps you to make smarter and wiser decisions by opting for PPL.

Here’ how PPL is going to work in your advantage:
It is cost effective.
Its performance can be measured with an ease.
It generates genuine leads.

For example, for service sector, C&S shares niche specific stories in the form of blogs. Such content not only educates the target audience, but also prompts them to share their views on the same. For educational sector, C&S runs campaigns on social media regarding the performance of the present batch and open the platform. Here, parents as well as children can post questions. This builds confidence in the applicants and hence leads to more queries.

Service Sector

Cable and Internet Services Providers – When a person is associated with single provider of telephone connection, cable, and internet services and pays for it per month,

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Product Sector

Cars & Motor Vehicles – With lot of variants loading up the market in Cars & other motor vehicles, it would be easier to make your product visible through a platform that is the most advantageous and also,

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Engineering Sector

Electrical items - C&S will help you to connect to your client which will make B2B sales very easy. In this sector, the traditional approaches cannot benefit your business, but pay per lead will,

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