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Clicks & Sales provides lead generation service for B2B and B2C for the following industries

Real Estate

Whether you are a builder or marketing agency or a property agent, we have solutions for you all. Leads for sale/purchase and rental for residential and commercial properties.

Interior Design

We generate leads for interior designers, builders for all urban and semi-urban areas in India. Leads for house makeovers, office interiors and large commercial complexes.

Financial Products/loan

We provide leads for all financial products including personal, business, home loans, overdraft and many other related financial services like mutual funds. Leads based on eligibility criterias.

HR Outsourcing

Leads for recruitment, HR software, Payroll and EPF compliance and employee engagement activities. Leads from businesses with min 100 CR turnover.


Leads for ERP implementation, ERP migration, SAP implementation, ERP audit for industries with minimum 200 CR turnover. Leads for ERP with appointment fixing.

Facility Management

For facility management companies, leads from Malls, commercial complexes and MNC’s are provided for management of 5000+ Sq Ft of area.

Website Designing

Leads of clients who have a budget of Rs 20000 or more for website designing or redesigning or website or with some other technical functionality provided.

SEO and Digital Marketing

We provide leads for SEO and Digital Marketing business for such clients who need their service and have a monthly budget of Rs 15000 or more.


We have a special team which generates leads for corporate or personal training programs. Leads for one-time or repetitive training courses are generated city wise.

Education Courses

MBA Admissions, JEE or NEET coaching, IAS coaching or B.Tech admissions. Our specialised team generates leads of students who show interest in such courses.


Do you have a SAAS model of business where you provide software as a service and need leads from businesses with decent team and revenue size. Our outreach team has been trained for generating leads for SAAS businesses.

ISO Certification

Leads for ISO, HACCP and other certification business. We generate leads city wise of clients who are looking to get certified from agencies for various compliances.

One Time Events

Are you planning for a one-time event like a matrimonial event, a business meet, an exhibition and you need to generate a list of businesses who show interest in your event. We do this with ease.

Vendor Onboarding

Are you a large business or a marketplace Ecommerce and looking to onboard a large number of vendors to your portal? Are you offering unique and niche solutions to your clients and need dealers pan India? We provide vendor onboarding service.

Franchise Development

Are you a business looking to set-up franchises across India? Do you need to increase your brand awareness and get more franchises? We provide service of franchise development.


Expand your pipeline with qualified B2B & B2C leads from across the globe

Based out of Mumbai, Pune and New Delhi, Click&Sales Pvt Ltd (C&S) is amongst the first few companies in India to offer guaranteed lead generation service, demand generation service and appointment fixing service. The word guaranteed implies that wherever qualified leads are not delivered by C&S, refund’s terms and conditions apply.

Our operations team work on full funnel analytics and track users for content and engagement signals. This enables us to find out those leads which are hidden from your competitors.

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Lead Generation Process at Clicks & Sales

Gain deeper insights, drive better results

Content Creation

The first step is to create engaging content in different formats according to the requirements of the lead generation plan.

Content Distribution

Once we create content the next task is to promote the content via content distribution channels.

Media Buying

Our media buying reach extends to different mediums which will allow the generated content reach the intended audience effectively.

Digital Advertising

We impose a data oriented digital advertising strategy which focuses on capturing the potential leads via social media channels.

Targeted Outreach

We help you connect with the clients and make your initial connection with the client easy for further process.

Leads Quality Variants at C&S

At Clicks & Sales, we offer leads in four different qualities. Leads quality is differentiated as per the quadrant they fall into. Q1 quadrant lead has the highest intention of immediate purchase and Q4 lead may have average intention to make a purchase. These quadrant lead quality



Offered for B2B clients

  • Recommended for B2B businesses Only

  • Expensive Leads

  • Highest Purchase Intention

  • Qualification Guarantee or Replacement through CIFA panel

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Q1 leads are such leads which have been generated after many exchanges of emails, calls and a brief service or product explanation is done. These are leads where the client has a definite plan of making a purchase for the service or product.

This is suitable where a new concept of service or product is to be pitched or the service requires many details to be fetched from the client 2 to qualify it as a lead.


Offered for B2B clients

  • Recommended for B2C and in some cases for B2B businesses

  • Standard cost for leads

  • Average Purchase Intention

  • Qualification Guarantee or Replacement through CIFA panel

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Q3 leads have shown interest in the product or service but they may be at the stage of evaluating the product and their requirement may be in future (i.e. after 60 days).

These are manually validated leads which means after the lead generation team sent us this lead information, our quality/validation team called the client and confirmed the same









B2B + B2C

Offered for B2B clients

  • Recommended for B2B and in some cases for B2C businesses

  • Higher than standard cost for leads

  • Definite Purchase Intention

  • Qualification Guarantee or Replacement through CIFA panel

Q2 Leads are such leads where the intention of the client to make a purchase or confirm a deal is high and the client has shown interest. Signals like client is asking for quote or client calls back asking for more details are typical in Q2 quadrant leads.

These leads also get manually validated and are suitable for both B2B and B2C clients.

Low to MID

Offered for B2B clients

  • Recommended for B2C businesses only

  • Low cost for leads

  • May or may not qualify and replacement valid for 2 hours only

  • Qualification Guarantee or Replacement through CIFA panel

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These leads are suited for clients who have large sales and calling teams and clients who ask for databases. Since we do not provide databases, we shall provide them these leads

These are unvalidated leads which means we have not validated these leads on a call.

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Clicks and Sales offers leads delivery through their AI driven, CIFA panel which ensures
that your leads information is shared in real time and is safe as well.